Rick Mexia and Some Change

By: ricardomexia

Sep 24 2011

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What happened last night?

I feel I ask myself this question much too often but before i even attempt to answer it ill tell you a little about myself and maybe you could help me.

Chapter 1 New York

From the moment i touched ground at JFK airport last year I knew I was about to embark on a whirlwind of new and exciting journeys. Something i longed for day in and day out for some time. Freshman year was the epitome of a spoiled young brat living in a new arena, far from home, with no one to keep tabs on his every step taking for granted the blessings he has been given his whole life. The drugs, partying and broken relationships resulting i will save for another tale.

Jumping ahead a few months, my path led me to an apartment owned by sweet Patty and Jon. If it were not for them i would surely be living on a mattress behind the Kew Motor Inn.

It was there that i encountered the most notable aspect of my being, when I choose to enjoy the company of my friend Cuervo, the Jeckyll and Hyde effect takes control and I no longer am Cardo, the man that I know and love, but Rick, the drunkard that passes out in bathrooms with his trousers down, punches walls out of anger or perhaps joy and worst of all, lets his friends down.

It is now that the realization of the need to change has been pounded into my mind worse than the hangover that is rocking my world. Im sorry Cuervo but I do not wish to continue our friendship.

With that aside, my future looks far from dismal. With a can-do attitude and a small alteration of my lifestyle I am looking at life in a new light. There will always be shades of gray but all i can hope to do is make them a little bit brighter.


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